Online Keno

By: Chen Ching-feng

Heard about online keno before, but don't quite know what it all the hype is about?

No problem, we'll explain it to you then! online keno is a really fun and easy to play online casino game. It is actually really very similar to bingo.

Since the emergence of online gambling and virtual casinos, Keno has really been established as one of the favoured online casino games in which you can play for real cash.

Basically it's a game played at a virtual casino in which numbered balls are drawn at random and players mark-off the corresponding numbers on their playing cards.

You start by choosing from one to fifteen numbers out of a possible eighty numbers. The online casino software then calculates the winning odds for you.

The more numbers you select the higher your chances of getting a winning combination, but then the number matching balls required to get a profitable payout also increases.

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